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The future of PhilsToPhx

We've had these social media accounts for a long time now and have tried to share some of our adventures, advice, and general thoughts. But, unfortunately, we haven't been very consistent with them. A large part of that is our general lifestyle, it's kind of boring, there often just isn't a whole lot to share. Which makes it really hard to come up with ideas to video or write about. That’s not to say we’re just couch potatoes, just that we’ve settled into a typical American life. Work for Cindy, general house projects for me, and taking care of Channah. We do go to periodic gatherings of friends and now the occasional camping trips as well as spontaneous trips to local parks to let Channah swing.

Since we've gotten back there’s been a few different events I could have done a much better job of documenting but didn't for various reasons. The biggest was the home office we built last April to June.

Then in September we got a travel trailer that we planned on going out with this fall,

but we had an unexpected guest for 6 months that was staying in it. So that changed our plans, but he's recently went back to the Philippines and we did get out one weekend since and are planning a week long stay at a nearby lake. We've also done local parks and a few social events. Unfortunately, again, I didn't get a video on these either. Some I did take the GoPro and got a little video but not enough to make a video to post. I need to get back into the habit of taking and using the video equipment I have again. Like most habits it’s easy to lose and difficult to get back into the habit. There is a YouTube channel I like called Matti Haapoja. He’s a videographer and did tutorials when I was getting started. A tag line for his channel used to be “Learn, make, repeat” he often talked about getting stuck in a perpetual learn mode and never applying the learning by actually getting out there and shooting video. While I was just starting, I always had a camera with me looking for ideas and things I could shoot. Although I never felt I got good at it, I did get better at shooting video.

To help come up with interesting videos we've talked about changing direction for the channel even. Originally, we just planned on documenting our activities and outings. And we did an OK job at that, but even before we moved to Cebu we didn't do that as much as we intended. We have made a few “What works for us" videos about some of the challenges of a multicultural marriage and how we deal with them. Videos like that seemed to be viewed well and got some good comments. So, we talked about doing more along that line. We have several Fil-Am couples that we hang out with regularly, so we've also talked about interviewing other Fil-Am couples. It’s interesting to hear how other couples have met and learned to successfully deal with the challenges of multicultural marriage.

As far as the blog we started I’m making it a goal to post here at least once a month. I've got a few posts that were started by never got finished and posted so I'll probably start with finishing up those first. Cindy recently showed me an app that links with your computer to edit most office files, Word included. This will help a lot in letting me make use of down time and getting these posts up regularly. I'm looking forward to see where this will go.


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