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We're sitting here in the OB-GYNE Ultrasound at Velez Medical Center waiting for Cindy's latest ultrasound. We were told to be here by 7:30 but the Dr's seem to have missed that memo, they come in at 8. But hey, we get to be first in!

A few weeks ago we went on a fun road trip up in the mountains to West 35 Eco Mountain Resort. We actually stopped at a little carenderia on the way. It had very good food and some amazing views too. Unfortunately it was too hazy for good photography and I intentionally didn't bring my drone so no amazing pics or video. But a good reason to go back. The Eco Resort was way closer to the carenderia than we thought but both were farther from Cebu City than we realized, you could easily see Negros from both places, even through the haze. The resort was a fantastic place to visit with great views. There were rooms for the night but a bit pricey 5000+ php for a basic room. After we ate again in the restaurant Cindy was getting tired and we decided to start heading back. On the way back Sunshine overheated pretty bad. On the way up over some steep & long mountain grades I pushed Sunshine fairly hard. At the resort I noticed it was a little hot but figured that parking fit a couple hours would help. Obviously I underestimated the issue. About 10 minutes into the drive back I realized there was a bigger problem than I thought and hit pulled over. After some head scratches I just added water, a little over 4 liters of water! When it got circulated Sunshine went back to normal temperature for the rest of the trip.

All of that to say Cindy kept in a great mood the entire trip! No mood swings, no irritation, no arguments just a happy and understanding mood, even when Sunshine was having problems. The big key takeaway we learned from the last meltdown was she needs rest, lots of it! Even when she's doesn't think she needs a nap, she does. Part of the agreement for going even included rest before and complete rest the next day. Today is Monday and we're back at the hospital getting tests done and there was a confusion about billing and we were told to be here long before the staff even showed up. Both of these would normally set off "grumpy Cindy" but today, after resting all day yesterday, Cindy's taking it all in stride without fuss. There's a lot here that can easily frustrate someone normally but a moody, pregnant Filipina especially! But when Cindy is well rested she handles it with the grace and calmness that I admire in her. So now we're scheduling things to include rest time after. Like today we know is going to be a big hectic day, so tomorrow she agreed to rest all day and we'll just get things done the following day. It also means I'm doing some of the errands on my own, which I've never really minded.

In the weeks since I started this post we've continued to keep the rest schedule of one day active and the next for resting up. It's worked wonders for our sanity! It has limited the activities that we're able to do but that is to be expected while pregnant too. But help has arrived, Papa and Mama have arrived back from Manila to be with Cindy & I, mostly Cindy, for the duration. Having them here definitely improved Cindy's spirits too. All of these things are important for these last few weeks before Channa makes her grand appearance.

I don't think we've stumbled across some great secret or anything like that. But, just simply discovered something that works well for us. I keep reminding her that her body is building a new person, of course you're going to be tired and need rest a lot more than before, it's normal and expected. Now she's believing it too.

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