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Take Note

List three blessings in my life that I thank God for.

First and most important for me, is my wife. Without her my life would me very empty and so much less joyful, I can't imagine going back to that life again. I thank God for putting us together.

Second, my friends and family. Although family & friends may not always seem like a blessing it's those days I really need to be thankful for God putting them in my life. Anyone can be thankful when things are good and going well but it's when things are trying and rough that I need to be thankful.

Third thing is my health. This one may sound kind of cliche but at this point on my life it's true. My health has went down hill over the last few years because of poor life choices and has forced me to rethink some of them. But overall I'm still in generally good health without any severe limitations on what I'm able to do. I recognize this as a gift from God that I need to start taking much better care of.

There are many more things that I'm thankful for but often take for granted. Stopping and reviewing the first three has been very refreshing to reflect on, hopefully I can start to make it a habit to stop and recognize the things that I'm grateful for.

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