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Opening the Next Chapter

On Monday March 19th, 2018 it became official, I'm now a broken old retired fart! Depending on who you talk to the broken and old part have been true for some time now, but it was kind of nice of them to consolidate them and make it official with paperwork to prove it. And get this, they are even going to pay me to be in this condition!! The city I used to work for is anyway. After 20 years of breaking out concrete and hurting my back in the end they were nice enough to let me retire 3 years early. I'm not going to be making great money but with state disability payments it will be enough to live comfortably in the Philippines in the near future. Speaking of which we are going to be going for a short trial run in a few weeks. April 26th we are flying into Manila then to Dumaguete, Sibonga, Cebu City then back to Manila getting ready go fly back to the US on June 1st. It feels nice not having to be rushed to get back for work and Cindy's company is letting her take the time off without a problem. I know, May is not the time to visit the Philippines but that is part of the reason for that time, to experience the rough part of the year and see how well I can handle it. I’m even going to try staying at Cindy’s parents house without aircon while we’re in Sibonga.

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