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New Beginnings

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

All things need to start somewhere

Cindy and I have decided to begin doing this. In many ways this is both stepping out of our comfort zone and learning, to rely on each others strengths. Writing is something I've never done well but this forces me to become better at it if I want this to succeed. I much more enjoy being behind the scenes and supporting other who are better at having attention on them. That's part of why I like doing the photo and video projects that I'm learning how to do, It allows me to participate in a way I stay out of the focus of attention. I've been very fortunate in being able to stay behind the scenes for most of my life and did well in supporting roles. I believe that God is calling me out of the background and much too close to the center of attention than I am comfortable with. There are some pretty awesome opportunities that are coming up that are going to require me to take a more active forefront role in them. As they begin to develop we will share them here.

Our goal is to make at least one post each of 500 to 1000 words of whatever is on our hearts at that time. Then add posts about whatever adventures get put into our lives as they happen. so I hope you will join us as we explore that great adventure we call our lives.

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