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Lifestyle: Can it be Simple or Complicated?

I'll be turning 5 years here in the US/America this coming May of 2020, and guess what? I gain almost 20 lbs and now im thinking on how to lose weight and go back to my old weight. How in the world i gain so much weight? I started feeling frustrated, depression and lot of emotions that i didnt feel or dont know those feelings really exists 5 years ago. In my journey here in America sometimes its easy but most of the time it's a bit struggle. Working 8 to 5 job, i used to go online schooling for my Master's degree and yes, a lots of things happens within that year. Imagine that? Who have thought my life turns upside down. What is lifestyle to you? For some it could be very simple and minimalism and for others it would be complex, it would vary on the person you ask.

So we are in the season of life that we are slowly changing our lifestyle and build good habits.What happened to the last 4 years? So, interesting and time flies so fast.

Just recently me and my husband started to do something during the weekend.

1. We tried to go to the Park, for walking and hiking

Couple picture together at the North Mountain Park in Phoenix

My hubby taking picture of me.

I'm taking a picture of my hubby and he is copying my pose... so funny❤. Im so inlove with him.

2. We do biking together

Yay! My hubby wants me to be comfortable in biking so i can learn riding a scooter in the future

More couple pictures together riding a bike

Our bikes together, yes i got a small one. I told my hubby , if i can use the small even though he got me a new one. And he said, "use whatever you arecomfortable with". I really love my husband for all his support.

I love when we do things together, my hubby riding a bicycle.

3. Walking in the Park or just having fun

4. We played badminton too, its been 15 years for me after a long time and it would a really long time for my hubby.

5. Zumba dancing at home when i feel its so cold outside

6. I go out go my jogging and walking in the morning

Lastly, we do our morning and evening devotions with a prayer.

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