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An interesting start to a new year

I just realized that it’s been awhile since the last update here. Well Christmas came and went and Cindy and I enjoyed spending time with family, friends and alone. We did go out and saw some houses decorated for Christmas, even made a YouTube post about them. The New Year saw us having a get together with another Fil-Am couple in our neighborhood. Cindy had the 12 round fruits that is a Filipino tradition along with the polk-a-dot dress. Good food and fellowship was had that evening, even some simple fireworks were set off. Right after the New Year I was asked to start doing the photo and video for a charity Cindy volunteers as treasurer for called Jak Cares Foundation. It was then that things started going bad for a bit. I came down with the flu that everybody seemed to get this year. Then Cindy decided to give it a try while she was training for her first half marathon. Thankfully she got better just before the big day and completed it in 3:26:32! She was smart enough to take the following day off from work, which also happened to be our 3rd anniversary! We went to Red Lobster and had a quiet dinner to ourselves, always an enjoyable time. Unfortunately, during this time, we haven’t been posting to our YouTube channel and it’s showing in view count. With all the new things we had just started it’s taking some effort to get back on track doing them again. I’m hoping everyone will stick with us during this time and share the exciting things that are going to be happening.

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