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A realization to a lifetime: What it's worth?

I and my husband decided to travel back here in the Philippines for extended vacation or maybe it will change to a lifetime. From the day our flight everyday it's a new learning, from unlearning what you've learned to be more patient and to be understanding about the situation. Our flight was from Phoenix to Seattle, then Seattle to Taipei and then Taipei to Cebu. We make sure we prepared all the documents needed, so it will be a smooth transition and flight. True, enough It helps the flight smoothen with all the documents ready. So got our swab test and results were negative and then stayed in the hotel for almost 5 days to do some errands. Arrived in my hometown barangay and was advice to do a 14 days quarantine even you're results was negative. So, I and my husband started questioning it at the back of our minds, so is it worth it to find and arguments or just quietly nod and agreed to what the barangay Captain said. So, yes we obediently did the quarantine

I will say Philippines is really strict about wearing facemasks and face shield

So, yes we are very careful about everything

and following everything they asked for.

We make sure to bring vitamins with us especially for the immune system.

But even, we are in home quarantine for 14 days. I did had a lot of realization and things to be grateful like:

I'm grateful for my family and to have a home. I know home is not the place but a time that you will spend with your loved ones.

2. I'm grateful for these fresh seafood caught by middle brother by spare fishing or free diving. I got the chance to eat my favorite and comfort food while in quarantine.

I'm truly grateful that I can have all these foods while on quarantine. My parents are the best.

I love the simple life here in the province

From the beautiful flowers that bloom everyday

My therapy, my father said" it's a stress reliever and he said that that the flowers are smiling or laughing at him"

Veggies like Malunggay (moringga), okra, Alugbati (spinach), Kalabasa ( squash), hot chili, cassava and many more. Indeed, these are my favorite veggies.

Don't get my wrong, I like Phoenix, the city and the desert. I'm just grateful that I can enjoy each season of my life wherever I go. Right now, I'm loving the moment and I'm living the moment to spend a lot of time with my family here in Sibonga, Cebu, Philippines.

I enjoy the view, like the these view:

Simple beauty, sometimes we forgot what real treasures are. I'm grateful that I can live this moments and be at this moment.

I'm grateful I can live the moment. According to my precious hubby John Roe "Home is all about the time" truly, I agree with him. Right now I'm grateful I'm home because I got to spent so much time with my parents. Im living my dream every day. My dream is to spent a lot of time with my husband, my parents, my siblings, relatives and friends. I realize too that because I'm here in the Philippines, coming from US people thinks I have a lot of money but to be honest happiness doesn't measure in how much money you've got it's much joy you've experienced.

Yes, we experience these 14 days of home quarantine but I'm grateful because this moment I got to experience these all over again.

We will be turning 2 months tomorrow when we arrived here in the Philippines. Was it worth it?

Spending over 60 days here in the Philippines is pretty amazing indeed. Yes, we do have a lot of downtime, less stress, we can go to the beach or mountains when ever we want. All I can say is worth every seconds, minutes, hours, days and months that we are here and we are truly thankful for this season of life.

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