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Spring & Wildflowers in Arizona

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Who have thought in this huge, wide desert you can see a yellow bright vibrant wildflowers that you can possibly imagine, between last week of March and April wildflowers starting to bloom and yes, coming from a tropical perspective desert had a wide varieties of bright, colorful wildflowers. Living to that moment, feeling that moment and being just be present and appreciating the nature of wildflowers in the wilderness.

Yes, I and my hubby John Roe. We both love and enjoyed taking pictures and making memories together.

Shadows? I and my hubby's shadow? What influence of shadows are we directing, interesting, in the past 5 years of our marriage we both a good teacher for each other and we both learn to appreciate our strength and weakness.

So beautiful bright yellow wildflowers

Vibrant...just bright yellow in the desert (Brittlebush, the little sunflowers of the Arizona desert.) Note the shape and color of the leaves. You can see how this plant produces such spectacular displays with each bush holding dozens of flowers.

A golden hedgehog blooms pink in mid-March.


Who had thought, this kind of flowers exist. Simple beautiful.

Here our previous video on the Apache Wash Trailhead

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Cindy Roe
Cindy Roe
Aug 10, 2020

Hi Lee, thank you so much for watching to our youtube videos and joining us in this blog community. My husband name is John and I'm Cindy grew up in Cebu Philippines. We been here in Phoenix, Arizona for almost 5 years. Nice to meet you both. Let us know if you have questions or what we can help. Thanks, Cindy


Aug 10, 2020

Hello, We are also a Fil-Am couple living in Peoria, Arizona.

I am Lee(hubby) and my asawa ko is Ana. We got married in 1996

on the island of Cyprus where we were both working. In 2004 we moved to the Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Hilo and stayed there until 2008 then we moved to Glendale ,Arizona.

We both have November birthdays I will turn 60 this year and Ana will be 51. We saw your video on you tube. Thank you we enjoy your videos God Bless !

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