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THE CARTOON LIBRARY. CARTOON CHRONICLES. I read them all. Not that I was ever really “into” cartooning, of course, but I loved the idea of cartoons, and if a “book” like “Cartoon Chronicles” would have been available back in my days, I would have gotten my hands on it, because I knew I would have loved it. I’ve also had a long-standing relationship with “Cartoonist Profiles,” and always loved the idea that I could flip through a book like that and learn what writers and cartoonists had done. But again, it would have been so much cooler if I could have had a book like “Cartoon Chronicles” when I was my age! (Well, you know what I mean… ? ) Well, I’ve been looking at these and I’m telling you, the only way to get all the information you need is to read them. There are also a lot of funny cartoons in there, too. Plus you can see what some of the cartoonists think about some of the people who write about them. And there are some great stories. This isn’t the world’s best collection of comics and cartoons, but it’s a pretty darn good start. After decades of being an outsider, the sole survivor of a culture that’s long since disappeared, I found myself surrounded by comics people of all sorts. I also discovered that there were a lot of rules I had to learn. But I also discovered that there were some things that I didn’t understand. And so, with some regrets and some thanks to the people who helped me along the way, I have decided to write this book. Perhaps you will find it useful. Perhaps not. But at least you will know that some things aren’t necessarily what they seem, even if you’ve been in the comics business for years. All right, then. Let’s begin. This book is not a how-to book. And that’s because there is no one way to do it. This book is not an autobiography. (There’s another book for that.) And that’s because the only way to do it is by being yourself.



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Pharmacognosy And Phytochemistry Vin

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